Dating disneyland dad

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I don’t have a list of rules in my house, but I do follow what I believe to be the generally accepted parenting guidelines I suppose…

No sugar before breakfast, say , try to eat mainly nutritious food, both of us help clean up, no TV all day long (99% of the time), no dessert if the broccoli is still on the plate (my poor deprived child doesn’t have dessert every day regardless), be respectful…

The lack of physical time with your children can create a feeling of insecurity.

These insecurities can create questions such as will the kids love their mom more than me, will they become attached to my ex-wife’s new dating partner, and if so, where will this leave me and so forth.

Sea World, Dream World, Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild – my daughter has been to them all. They also go on lots of trips, go to fun fairs regularly and just tend to do a lot of exciting activities in general.

For your ex that might be cinema visits, bowling, ice-skating, the list goes on…

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The sad fact is divorce creates consequences and you must decide how you will solo parent from this point forward.

Overindulging can come in the form of giving your kids your undivided attention when spending time with you with the goal to seeking pleasure while minimizing any disappointments.

This environment of all pleasure may be offered by no rules, chores, or discipline rather having a Disneyland environment of just pleasure and happiness.

One of my ex’s favorite past times, for instance, is complaining to me how broke he is. You can bet your ass that I’d be making it super fun as well. There can be many reasons why a Disneyland Dad is a Disneyland Dad.

And we get to deal with our overtired children upon their return. On my daughter’s last trip with her dad, I sent a list of words with her dad that she had to work on learning how to write during the school holidays. Child support which pays for things that the child actually needs – education, food, somewhere to call home. And I hope my attempt at humor is not taken that way, because I love our life, and it’s perfect as it is. And if you don’t find the humor in things, you’ll cry, Also, I can actually completely understand why it happens. If the roles were reversed and I just got to see my daughter every few months.

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