Dating blenko glass

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Here we have two representative pairs of BLENKO bookends, both of them solid and heavy. BLENKO bookends appear frequently on internet auctions and sales.

A person could make an attractive collection of BLENKO’s colorful bookends.

When it solidifies, you have a piece of glass in whatever shape you’ve created.

A glassmaker can blow the liquid glass into a freeform shape, or press it into a mold.

I can't figure out why I waited so long, since Milton is only about 70 miles away, and we've passed this place many times traveling to and from Huntington and other points west.South of Buckhannon, West Virginia, Ron Hinkle has been making glass as a professional since 1974, although he did try to mold parts of his chemistry set over his mom’s stove when he was just 12.Today, he makes colorful, hand-blown and sculpted art pieces in his studio.West Virginia has a rich tradition of glassmaking, with over 400 factories and manufacturers creating glass products since the late 1800s.Even though the industry has come and gone, there are many places where handmade glass is still made in the state.

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