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In the western part of the country, western education was encouraged by the Missionaries.

The Northern part of Nigeria, majorly populated by Muslims, western education was prohibited giving way to an Islamic school that focused primarily on Islamic education.

What was happening in the early 19th centuries that was a bedrock to the current educational standard?

What are the things that were in place during early development of Nigeria and also serve as a pedestal for educational roots in Nigeria today, all of these will be treated as we move on to write on the Development Of Education In Nigeria.

which include the 6 years primary education and The formal education system in Nigeria includes: 6 years of primary schooling 3 years of junior secondary schooling 3 years of senior secondary schooling, and 4 years of university education, finally directing toward a bachelor’s level degree in the majority of the subjects.

The annual term of school in Nigeria is ten months, and is sectioned into three ten- to twelve-week periods, each at the pre-primary, primary, junior and senior secondary stages.

For every sector in any given country, there will always be a problem posing a threat to such sector, Educational sector is not exceptional in this case, there are some militating factors against the educational system, and they are; A body should be established to oversee the affairs of schools and learning environment; more funds should be pushed to schools and universities for researches.

Teachers should be trained occasionally; this will give room to pass across new ideas and ways of bringing about effective teaching and learning processes in the various citadel of learning.

For any nation to strike a balance between infrastructural development and human development, it is imperative to invest in education, and education in Nigeria how does it started?In the Collector's Guide by Caroline & Nick Pope you will find a list of the known painters with number-signature and their working period at Royal Copenhagen.Also the data of the designing artist will be an important indication of possible age.Some other authors defined education as what a man sees in his societies, put into practice to guide his day to day activities, some also see education as transferring cultural heritage from one generation to the other.To find common ground to all of this definition, I defined education as initiation processes that started from the day a man can react to stimuli to the day he stops reacting to stimuli.

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