Dating and sharps container

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Personnel also continue to be injured by the improper disposal of used sharps.These injuries occur when sharps are left in unusual locations such as laundry or linens or are stuck in mattresses, left in pockets, or left on tables, trays, or other surfaces.For example, it may be possible to use alternative cutting methods such as blunt electrocautery or laser devices.If possible, endoscopic surgery may be preferable to open surgery.Also, blunt suture needles have been shown to reduce sharps injuries and protect both personnel and patients.

Slide 4 Speaker Notes: Many injuries related to work practices occur while sharps are being passed between different individuals, or transferred to a different location.

Injuries from suture needles occur most frequently and are involved in as many as 77% of injuries.

These injuries typically occur while using fingers to manipulate needle and tissue during suturing of muscle and fascia.

We also discussed many types of safer sharps devices and various methods for isolating sharp objects through engineering controls.

Even when these strategies are used, safe work practices must be employed.

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