Dating an emotionally abused man

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Meanwhile, nastier criticisms were levied at me: she chastised my parenting with comments such as “It’s a good thing we didn’t have daughters because you would just fuck them up psychologically.” Other times she’d belittle me as being nothing more than a 14-year-old boy trying to get laid.

And when she disgustingly asked if I was ever going to be a man, I answered with my new standard reaction—tears and silence.

I will never forget that day—my wife snoozing in her hospital bed, my wrinkle-skinned son nestled in my arms, and me, slumping to the side, one career ruined, another on the verge—friendless, isolated, emasculated …

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and while most women would agree that physical violence has no part in a love relationship, what are more subtle signs that you are not being treated well? not just every once in a while, but most of the time. He never caveats his views with “I think” or “In my opinion.” He doesn’t show interest in how you or others see the world. He says you flirt with other men, even though you don’t. But, if you recognize yourself in these above examples, you should know this is not normal and it’s not okay. Seek the counsel of family, friends, clergy, online forums, professional counselors/therapists and other resources local to your town.

In time, my anger issues were singled out as the culprit behind all our problems.

Oddly enough, I never had any anger issues prior to meeting my wife, a detail that bothered me.

Instead, she claimed that I would only resent her as the reason behind giving up my dream.

Things didn’t improve, not even with the rapid promotions I earned, affording my wife the lifestyle she had spoken often of wanting.

I had been an all-state athlete, an Infantry Captain, and an accomplished corporate executive—positions that required strength and mental toughness.

Soon thereafter, I was promoted again, this time to a corporate-level position, a move that created new friction with my wife.

She resented that it required me to be more socially active, attending corporate dinners, participating in charity events, and traveling to other parts of the country.

I sunk into a deep depression and, after another blowup, agreed to seek counseling for anger issues.

I felt better having someone to talk to in the form of my therapist; but even so, determining the source of my anger proved to be elusive.

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