Dating a kaywoodie

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If anyone has more definitive information or other methods of determining date please feel free to post it and I will edit this as I go.

Richard Esserman thinks that Dunhill sub-contracted with BBB the manufacture of the heads for its Bent Magnums until 1923.This last advises with Mrs Frankau not to sell, but to entrust the future of the company to the hands of the young person Louis Blumfeld, then 18 years old.Carlyle was to have a very high opinion of the Louis young person, and this confidence was justified by its assumption of responsibility of the business, its enthusiasm and its inexhaustible energy.Frankau & Co has a broad warehouse and offices to the 121 Queen Victoria Street, a service of export in Upper Thames Street and opens a factory in 1898 in Homerton, High Street 112 (then 154) until in the Eighties when Cadogan gathers its activities of manufacture in Southend one Sea.In this time, A Frankau & Co also produce of Calabashs.

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