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Image Source: She is not anything like the regular women who stick to their partners all the time, not giving them any free space.

Whereas, a geek girl is matured and understands the needs of all men.

She is so engrossed in her thoughts, that she might never notice your indirect gestures. Before trying to talk or woo her, brush up and pump up your knowledge level.

She is one of those blunt people in the world, who will say whatever they think about you, and will never even get an idea that you were offended. You will never have to worry about your empty pocket in the middle of the month.

Image Source: Don’t be offended by the fact that nerdy girls have a more balanced personality. They have a proper understanding of all the situations and take decisions just the way a guy takes, practically rather than the emotional touch.

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She loves utilizing her time for reading, enhancing her IQ, doing creative things, etc.

A writer by profession with over thousands of articles published online, I am the Sub-editor at Women Planet.

With an enriching experience of over 8 years as a content writer and editor, I believe in the power and strength of words more than action.

And that glow in her eyes while talking about them to you will make you fall for her all again. It is quite possible that you would see her hanging around with guys more than you see her with girls. She believes that nothing is completely bad or useless.

It is because of a simple reason - she is not a drama queen, and doesn't entertain one. The good part is, even if you are cracked egg, she will treat you as a whole!

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