Dating a colleague advice

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The buildup of sexual tension will be totally worth it when you finally find a safe, secluded locale.

Colleagues may get suspicious if you show up and leave together at the same time every day, says Haefner.

Just be aware that should things turn sour, your reputation or future promotions could be affected.

Keep your hookups private, after-hours, and out of the office (the break room is for coffee, not cunnilingus).

It wasn’t until we took a business trip together that my opinion of him changed.

We spent a week exploring a new city and drinking wine at our Airbnb (which we’d booked to save money). Back at the office, we played it cool, but I never stopped thinking about him.

D., an assistant professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio who studies office relationships.

"We took things slowly because we were both very aware that we worked in the same office," she remembers.

Once there, beware of posting pics or status updates — especially if your workplace is gossipy.

A general rule of thumb is to wait three months before disclosing you’re dating a coworker. After that, if your coworkers ask about it, you can downplay it (“Yeah, we’re seeing each other”), but don’t outright deny it unless you’re looking for drama. I went back to his place for an after-hours party, and we spooned on the couch all night. A few months later, once we knew it was going somewhere, we told a supervisor and asked her where we should go from there.

If any kind of office romance is off-limits and you’re not willing to jeopardize your job (or resort to finding a new one), stick with pure fantasy.

But you can go for it if you’re within the bounds of company policy or there’s nothing in writing.

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