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And, like most clichés, there’s a kernel of truth to it.

Consider a highlight reel of the local bachelors I’ve come across on Tinder: a guy posing with Steve Wozniak (I think this was supposed to be impressive?

); a guy wearing Google Glass; a “happily married entrepreneur and father of three”; a guy in front of a Tesla sign; and a guy who messaged me, “In 50% of your photos you’re holding an i Phone.

It may interest you to find out that I invented the i Phone.

The Russian government is now ordering Tinder to hand over user data to intelligence agencies.

The app, known for allowing users to quickly scan dozens of potential dates in the area based on photographs, is included on a new list of web services that must provide information about its users upon request to Russian intelligence entities, like the FSB security agency.

What walked into the bar, however, was a scrawny, five foot eight You Tube programmer in a hoodie. Maybe I didn’t date enough Wall Street wolves in New York, but it was a little surprising and off-putting when, in the middle of our first drink, my date, who had paid the bartender with a hundred dollar bill and left the change splayed on the bar, checked his email to see whether his .4 million commercial real-estate bid was accepted.Russia has approved a bevy of new legislation over the past few years that aims to tighten government control over the internet and online activity.Tinder has already shared company information with the country’s communications regulator and is expected to cooperate with the new demands.) while eavesdropping on the two cute Aussies next to me, both of whom were married, which I soon realized.The joint continued to fill up with more men—and some women—huddled in their own cliques.

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