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The most common image of sex would probably be vaginal intercourse but some may consider oral sex, anal sex, BDSM or certain fetishes to be categories of sex. Is sexual stimulation through text cybersex and webcam cybersex a healthy and valid way to achieve sexual pleasure?

In this post I will discuss the world of internet sex as detailed in Dennis Waskul’s, “Internet Sex: The Seductive ‘Freedom To’”, and my argument regarding its health and validity as a sexual practice.

Social media is allowing people to skip the date and instantaneously have sex, the central idea around hookup culture.

Social media makes this instantaneous sexual gratification possible, and internet sex carries the same idea.

Both actions can be emulated through cyber text or webcam so it is impossible to call internet sex moral or immoral.

It gives the reader an insight into the benefits of cybersex and the consequences.Various forms of internet sex such as text and webcam cybersex give participants many methods to achieve sexual pleasure, but the consequences of reality still exist.The article makes it apparent that internet sex is not all good, especially for the people participating.Based on Waskul’s definition of cybersex, this disguting, illegal, and unwanted exposure of the genitals is technically cybersex because it is erotic (to the naked person), in real time, online, and a form of communication.This goes back to Waskul’s emphasis on freedom and how this freedom can be abused, often in illegal and immoral ways.

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