Cuckold dating hotwife

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The cuckolding lifestyle seems to be emerging as a popular lifestyle choice and there are an increasing number of men who fantasize about, or would seriously like to be involved in a cuckold relationship.

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Cuckload Pregnancy denotes that the pregnancy was sired by a person, other than the husband of the woman.

It also connotes that this was done without the consent of her husband.

This indicates that the sexual choices of the woman are determined by her husband.

However, the woman, even in a marriage, still retains her right to choose a mate for herself.

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The most accurate title chosen is Hotwife Mating, which has been chosen for two main reasons.

First of all, it is a better substitute, and also a more refined descriptor, for Cuckold Pregnancy.

Therefore, housewife mating indicates that the woman chooses her mate in the cuckold relationship, and her husband allows her to be impregnated by her chosen mate.

The term mate describes the male counterpart who engages in sex, and impregnates the female.

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