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At first these novelties were called casaques, but this quickly changed to crackers.

when other started to copy his idea he replaced the sweets with a surprise gift.

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Some familiar brand names of saltine crackers in North America are Christie's Premium Plus (Canada), Nabisco's Premium (U. Unsalted tops as well as whole grain saltines can also be found.

In 1860 he added a banger so that when pulled apart the crackers made a loud bang.

In the early 20th century, various companies in the United States began selling soda crackers in Puerto Rico and referred to them as "Export Soda". of Puerto Rico also started selling their soda crackers with the same name.

The term "Export Soda" became a generic term in Puerto Rico for these crackers. was refused a trademark for the term because it was "merely descriptive".

Flat saltine crackers have perforations on their surfaces.

During baking, the outer layer of dough hardens first, restricting out-gassing of evolved gasses.

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