Consolidating files on itunes

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Consolidating your library keeps the originals in their original location and creates copies placed in the i Tunes Media folder.

This lets you safely move your i Tunes folder to a new computer or external disk without losing anything.

Some users are unaware that for each imported item i Tunes may create a copy.

Thankfully, you can reclaim your precious storage space lost to these duplicates with a few clicks.

Let us know via [email protected] Download and a future tutorial might provide a solution.

Any referenced items will be copied into appropriate sub-folders in your i Tunes Media folder.

This may take a while depending on the number of the source files being consolidated, their size, the speed of your computer, available storage space and other factors.

If it's a small book of only a few CDs, then you might want to merge all CDs into one CD.

If it's a big book, then you might want to merge (for example) the first 10 CDs into "Part 1"; the next 10 CDs into "Part 2"; and so on. : (a) The CD will disappear from your Music library and reappear in your Audiobooks. I am, however, grateful when multiples are (correctly) moved all at once. As I change each title, that CD is merged with the other CDs of the same title.

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