College staff dating student

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Consensual Relationship-interaction with students for a romantic and/or sexual relationship, including but not limited to, dating, pursuing dates, and relationships of a sexual nature in which both parties have given their consent.

Employee-as used in this policy, the term employee includes all who are employed by the College, including but not limited to, all categories of administrators, faculty, and staff.

This policy also covers individuals who are under contract such as independent contractors, consultants or temporaries with the College.

Student-refers to anyone currently registered for courses at the College (including those students who are cross-registered from other institutions), or completing a special project, lab(s) or senior project(s).

If there’s a nasty breakup, it’s too easy for the one with more power to turn spiteful, and no matter how real that love might be, turning a blind eye to it opens up the door for others to abuse the possibility.

Plus, how do the students in such relationships ever really know if their grades are fairly assessed, or whether their lover has (consciously or unconsciously) cut them slack?

Spelman College encourages the development of collegial and professional relationships among all members of the College community and is committed to a learning and work environment of civility and mutual respect.

Romantic and/or sexual attention, interaction, or relationships between certain categories of individuals undermine the fundamental educational purpose of the College and disrupt the workplace and academic environment.

Among Employees The College prohibits employees from supervising, evaluating, or determining the terms and/or conditions of employment of anyone with whom they have or had a sexual relationship.Suppose a student just wants to take the class, get the credit, and graduate from pharmacy school?Then you have something like this: In the fall of 1997, Nowak began to flirt with Papelino in and out of class. She sat on the edge of his desk during one class, and gave him excessive praise for his work.The faculty-student relationship is one of trust in the College and the faculty member has the professional responsibility for being a mentor, educator, and evaluator.Faculty-student and staff-student romantic and/or sexual attention, interaction, or relationships, even consensual ones interfere with a student’s pursuit of learning and the integrity of the College environment.

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