College dating guidelines

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Without this trustworthy foundation, the house itself would fall and crumble during storms and chaos.Just like houses, relationships lacking a solid foundation will eventually come to a crashing end.In college, the majority of students discover new relationships, both platonic and romantic, and are able to act as they wish upon both types.

"Classics" will always fit well, since they will not fade like "trends." And when it comes to relationships, picking a partner that will simply fit your current style, not your overall needs, will ultimately be unfulfilling and short.Guideline #3: Women, when in attendance to parties involving alcohol or other substances, use caution.As feminist freelance writer Susan Jacoby (2001) mentions, "date rape is an issue of particular importance to college-age women" (545).Instead of pointing out all the incorrect things done by a partner, put great notice and appreciation on all of the things done right.This is not only a benefit for one partner, but for both.

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