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"When I think of our wedding ceremony, I want it to glorify God.

And when I think of marriage and obviously children, they should glorify God."But pastors regularly remind their flocks to avoid dating outside the faith.

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Nagib says that when he told her he was agnostic, she could have ended it right then, but the two "clicked really well." He went to church with her and read a book on Christianity that she recommended, but ultimately the two broke up.

The following example formats a variety of numbers using -1000: #Dollar Format(-1000)# -100: #Dollar Format(-100)# -10: #Dollar Format(-10)# -1: #Dollar Format(-1)# 1: #Dollar Format(1)# 10: #Dollar Format(10)# 100: #Dollar Format(100)# 1000: #Dollar Format(1000)# 10000: #Dollar Format(10000)# 100000: #Dollar Format(100000)# 1000000: #Dollar Format(1000000)# function, but it takes into account the currency conventions used by the default locale.

Back in 1969 I met and dated Brenda, later attended her church, and in the Fall of that year was saved. Excerpt from the article: For evangelicals who want to pair up with others of the same faith but don't manage to do so in their early 20s, trouble lies ahead, particularly for women.

In retrospective, it was not a healthy relationship. Evangelical churches now typically have a 60-40 split between women and men, which means that there are many more single evangelical women out there than their male counterparts. Cockrel explains, "I have friends who wanted to marry a Christian guy, are still single, and are more and more open to dating non-Christians as they get older.

Once you have query data in the form of a result set, you might want to massage it a bit before outputting it to the browser or to a file.

Cold Fusion provides several built-in functions for formatting a variety of datatypes.

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