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Annual Cost: ,629The flagship of the University of California system, UC Berkeley is often considered one of the five greatest universities in the world.Respected in all areas of higher education, a global leader in research, and one of the world’s hotbeds of entrepreneurship and innovation, UC Berkeley has been a force in shaping the future for well over a century, and its field-defining programs show no sign of flagging.An MBA gives clinical professionals the managerial credibility they need to advocate for patients, guide policy decisions, and lead a diverse staff; a healthcare degree, in turn, gives management professionals an understanding of the specialized needs of the healthcare sector and how it differs from traditional business.Masters of Public Health (MPH) and Masters of Health Administration (MHA) are the most common, though there are other variations.The American healthcare system is a complicated entity – not an entity so much as a collection of entities, some government, some private, some non-profit.And the healthcare sector is ever-growing, as aging Baby Boomers need more medical care and the Affordable Care Act increases the demands on the insurance companies and makes healthcare more accessible for everyone.The Haas School of Business – a top ten business school in nearly every ranking – and the School of Public Health have devised a dual MBA/MPH degree program that will prepare students to apply the business acumen of the Haas School to the demands of modern public health administration.

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Annual Cost: ,340One of the world’s most respected universities, the University of California, Los Angeles, holds a perpetual top 20 ranking from U. That gives UCLA a major place in American and international business, a significance that has attracted business students for years, giving UCLA the highest rate of applications in the nation.This combined program shortens the time to earn both degrees from 4 years to 3 years, which gets prepared professionals into needed positions more quickly.Prospective students must be admitted to both programs, but the challenge is more than rewarded on the job market with a UCLA degree.UCLA’s importance in medicine and health care comes through in the Fielding School of Public Health, the USN&WR #10 public health program.UCLA has combined these areas in a dual MPH/MBA degree, designed to give students of public health a strong grounding in the managerial and financial concerns that impact public health administration.

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