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We started dating when I was seventeen and we were engaged when I was eighteen.

Seventeen years later with seven children, we are happy and thriving, so I need to clarify what I mean when I say that I am opposed to teenagers dating…

If he attends church, it should be because because he’s adhering to a curfew.

Does this mean that he has the prerogative to adopt a dismissive attitude toward you or to disparage your values and opinions? As Christians, we know that there is as his parents but as fellow human beings and as his brother and sister in Christ (Ephesians ; Philippians 2:3; I Peter 5:5).

In contemporary America a young person comes of age and is empowered to vote at 18.

The precise line of demarcation differs from society to society, and obviously an individual’s level of maturity plays an important role in this journey.

He will have to choose to act on the basis of the wisdom you’ve attempted to instill in him over the years and out of an awareness of his personal responsibility toward his Creator.

But the basic idea remains the same, and in every case the principle involved is fundamentally biblical (see 1 Corinthians ).

Once this line is crossed, the parent-child relationship is supposed to change in some basic ways.

The longer I live, the more strongly I oppose the practice of dating among teenagers.

The irony of my position is that I met and married my husband when I was still a teen.

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