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The 1955 Doubled Die pieces were discovered within weeks of their release, many in the form of change in cigarette vending machine packs.Five years later, the 1960-P and -D Small Date cents set off (or fanned the flames of) the first mania in "modern" BU rolls when they were noticed.If the auctioneer is using the RICS Common Auction Conditions, completion will be 20 working days after the auction.If the lot is unsold If the lot doesn’t reach your reserve price, you need to know what the auctioneer’s procedure is for dealing with unsold lots.

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It previously sold for ,400 in April and the other brought ,750 in May. Some exceptional Morgan dollars will be offered at Heritage’s Sept.

If you want to sell a property at auction, first ask the auctioneer’s advice about its saleability, and what they would recommend as the guide and reserve prices.

Once you’ve checked the date and venue of the proposed auction, ask the auctioneer for details of the terms of appointment.

They are far, far rarer than their earlier counterparts, and with true Red color as here, they are even more remarkable rarities.

For example, PCGS has seen 69 submissions of the 1955 Doubled Die in MS63 Red, with 195 pieces finer, while this 1969-S is tied with just two other pieces in MS63 Red.

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