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For instance, why can't I just bind a normal List to a Data Grid View and have the grid view update when the list updates? This has really been kicking my butt the past couple of days.

When I read examples on the web, they seem so simple... Also, what if your list class--"Customer" in my code--has more properties methods than you want to appear in the Data Grid View? Also, thanks to the folks involved with this archived thread: gave me the clues I needed to get my last problem solved.

The question buzzing around in my mind is, what is the Microsoft’s grand plan, other than to loose out to Java.

Data Grid View is not the only area where Microsoft is making life harder for us.

Insert citations from Endnote into a word document as you write.

I found a solution to my original question, but there's still so much I don't understand about it, I thought I'd give this forum a try. These are the two general problems that I kept running into: (1) When the data in the list updated, the data on the screen did not update. Additional information: Index -1 does not have a value." Here is the code that I finally got to work. I just tried to make the simplest example binding a list to a Data Grid View that I could think of. I had all the sample problems using the Binding Source, and if I use a Binding Source in the example above, it works fine.

At the very least, maybe it will help someone else who got stumped like I did. (2) When I finally got data on the screen to update, if I clicked any part of the Data Grid View, the following message box popped up: "An unhandled exception of type 'System. So, I still have a few questions about this whole thing, but to start with, am I missing the obvious?!

Finally, if I used a Binding Source between the list and the Data Grid View, it made no difference at all.

This means that there are situations where it is good to choose to use Java and other situations where . Since you're posting in the C# forum, it is likely that many people here would tend to reply with ".Thanks again, and hopefully I'll be "talking" with some of you soon!:) dave - https://bytes.com/topic/c-sharp/answers/748230-c-form-binding-datagridview-list-t" onclick="ga('send', 'event', 'Share', 'Twitter', '/topic/c-sharp/answers/748230-c-form-binding-datagridview-list-t', 0 );" alt="Share this on twitter" Hey all, I forgot to ask another part of my question.for me the critical thing that was wrong was that i was using a bindinglist and i use that as my list of objects.this gets assigned directly as the datagridview's datasource.

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