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“Finding 10 percent of the entire West Coast stock here is kind of unexpected,” Keener said.“But we also don’t know what is spurring them to keep moving.” Dolphin skulls dating from long, long ago have been dredged up from San Francisco Bay.But in modern times, dolphins weren’t sighted north of Point Concepción – the land that juts into the Pacific just west of Santa Barbara – until the 1982 El Niño carried warm currents and a supply of fish up the coast.Then, the gregarious cetaceans were spotted off the San Mateo coast.

Thawing icebergs add freshwater – icebergs that have broken off ice sheets formed over land do not contain salt, and the freezing of seawater into ice floes removes more salt.

Reports of the coast-hugging cetaceans came from the Golden Gate Bridge and Redwood City.

Dolphins got stuck in the shallow waters of Colma Creek and again in the mudflats south of San Francisco Airport.

Most of the ocean has a salinity of between 34 ppt and 36 ppt.

Some properties of water are changed by having salt in it: The salinity of the ocean varies from place to place, especially at the surface.

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