Blizzard updating tools stuck

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Clicking the force update button doesn't solve this.

Of course, a year later and Blizzard has new installer software that hates my computer and refuses to let me play warcraft in space. As requested by Tech Support, I have created a "Looking-Glass" diagnostic for Authentication, Dx Diag, and MSInfo reports.

Getting stuck on the Updating Setup Files loading screen may indicate that the Blizzard Update Agent is having issues installing the game.

If you're stuck longer than a few minutes on this screen, follow the troubleshooting steps below: If you have tried these steps and still require assistance, visit our Technical Support Forums (World of Warcraft) (Star Craft II) (Diablo III) (Hearthstone) (Heroes of the Storm) (Overwatch) or contact us.

Restarting (and even the computer), trying to kill the process or every process related to doesn't get rid of this issue on my system.

I've been running into this issue quite frequently in the past few months.

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