Blind dating film soundtrack

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Danny and Leeza go for a sweet little picnic at a baseball field, backed by a pleasant, twinkly acoustic soundtrack.

They keep going on these dates and enjoying each other’s company, but when they kiss it’s too much for Leeza and she backs off.

Larry sets up a date with a girl who doesn’t know Danny is blind, and Danny rehearses the part.Danny's main problem seems to be that his therapist (Jane Seymour), caring though she may be, can't control her compulsion to strip whenever he's in her office.Danny, who is well aware she's doing it, finds it amusing but frustrating.When Danny signs on for experimental brain surgery that may give him limited vision, he has high hopes for success.At the same time, the doctor's receptionist Leeza (Anjali Jay) has high hopes for a date with Danny, but her Indian-American family has already arranged a marriage for her with a real SOB, so there's no hope for happiness, or is there?

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