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You would think that when she was making this decision, she would consider the affectation it would have on me.” Former Countess Lu Ann de Lesseps D’Agostino de Lesseps did an Instagram Live video from the dressing room of her cabaret show in Des Moines. “I have always appreciated her wit, talent, and relentless branding that inspired The Agency hat.

Bethenny’s announcement, which came days before the women traditionally start filming, rocked the franchise’s extremely ardent fan base. Speaking of hats, does anyone know what she’s doing with her fedora collection? I don’t know her.” Real Housewife of Orange County Kelly Dodd let loose on Bethenny in a late-night Twitter screed, cursing her out for calling her a cocaine addict and sexual deviant.You would give me your honest opinion about my products and projects and helpful advice about divorce, relationships, motherhood, miscarriages, health, and surviving the death of a loved one and almost my own. You have shared your ideas with me and I have been inspired by and learned from you. But we’re still left with a big question: What do all the other Housewives think? ” Caught by TMZ outside of Swag Boutique in Miami, Ne Ne Leakes revealed what she thought of Bethenny leaving. ” she asked as she pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. She called Bethenny a lantern-jawed pig, a bad mother, and a liar, only to realize in the morning that all of those tweets were meant to be directed at Vicki Gunvalson.Below, we have their exclusive reactions, moments after they scrambled to their tabloid or online birdcage liner of choice. But Bethenny really is leaving “Wow, Bethenny, wow,” Ramona Singer said in front of Beautique when a reporter informed her of the news. She deleted most of them, except the one calling Bethenny a bad mother.

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