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Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~ is a visual novel game designed for female audiences.It was distributed by the publisher, Cheritz, in English, Korean, and Japanese on Nov. Continue your journey to Edo in Hakuoki™: Edo Blossoms, where you play as the heroine Chizuru Yukimura.Play as Aliya, a warrior devoted to protecting the country of Airis, and help her discover the truth about her friends and her beloved country while romancing one of the three people who have grown to be important in her life!Incarnate Lyla in this Visual Novel whose last highschool year will be full of surprises, mysteries to solve, friendship and most importantly love.But upon returning home from the Maritime Academy, she discovered that her father had been deceived by a certain Monsieur Viardo, who had taken the ship into his possession.AIRIS is an otome game where science fiction meets fantasy, combined with elements of mystery and comedy.Gakuen Club is a school life love story that begins when you discover a secret at your academy, setting off a chain of events that you never imagined.

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Will your new fate be one of tragedy or serendipity?The game consists of 5 chapters to be released throughout 2017. This is an Otome game with well-praised CGs and fappable storyline.A pure hand - painted of modern fiction loving game, the story is full of vicious real factor underneath the surface of fairy tale. Knight Adelaide, as the captain of her Order, was cast mysterious spells by a magician when she was on a mission.A free horror Visual Novel about an ill-fated journey across Sinnlos, a lake where gruesome monsters lurk just beneath the surface.With times being so dire you'll need to decide what, and who, is going to be sacrificed. Once upon a time, a girl, her pet dog, and three companions made a journey to meet a great wizard who could grant their wishes.

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