Best debt consolidating

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But if you have equity in your home, you can access some of that cash through a HELOC.There are generally two recommended ways to consolidate your debt.With these credit cards, you can transfer all of your debts regardless of what type they are onto the new card, including loans.The trick is to pay it all off within the 0% promotional period.With a debt consolidation loan, you use the money from the loan to pay off all of your existing debt.Because it is a type of personal loan, a debt consolidation loan is paid off in installments over a set period of time.The first involves taking out a personal loan, and the other taking a unique type of credit card.

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However, there does come the risk of putting up your home as collateral.

To better understand how moving forward with debt consolidation will likely affect your credit score, let’s do a quick recap.

Your FICO credit score is determined by the following five factors: Borrowers struggling with high debt usually also have lower credit scores because of how much they owe.

This way all of your payments go directly towards the principal and none of them are wasted on interest.

When every single penny you pay goes towards principal, climbing out of debt is a lot easier and faster.

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