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It's why Taffer has sincerely said, "It almost could be called were about as low as the status of the "celebrities" picked to occupy a house for three weeks and vote each other out.

However, what we got in the first season of the show was a gem that not only managed to entertain but, with the inclusion of recent White House evictee Omarosa Manigault-Newman, break actual news.

, the male-fronted half of the duo, is in its 23rd season, it's hit its stride, expertly engineering dramas, betrayals, and shocking moments that look really exciting in the weekly commercials and then end up being pretty mundane when you see them in the actual episode.

As its many defenders have pointed out, the show's appeal isn't only rooted in the ridiculous lifestyle porn; it's also a funny, occasionally moving study in sibling dynamics and parental gamesmanship.

Even if you drift away from the show, it's comforting to know that it's still out there for you to keep up with. Every week, pairs of the 10 contestants face off, and the loser of each, based on the judges' choice, is up for elimination.

MTV relaunched the show as on April 5 and, instead of focusing on youth, it became a treatise on growing up and what it means to be "family." Snooki is now a mother. Sammi and Ronnie have officially, for the final time, broken up.

Instead of for short -- shows no signs of slowing down.

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