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(or to point me to a source that will tell me) First tried: Component Video from DVD to TV. The TV remote has a switch for the different "inputs", and we did switch it to the Input 3/ Component, but still no picture.

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) I randomly pressed the Progressive button and got a split/doubled screen fuzzy version of it, barely enough to make it out to change the setting--- is that normal? Third inconvenience is that I had to hook up the VCR part of the combo in the FRONT of the TV, since I ran out of A/V inputs in the back. My question now is: are all of these inconveniences normal? Should be a common need to hook up these units and speakers, is there a simpler way? I am attempting to hook up all Sony; Wide Screen TV, DVD/VCR Combo and Home Theater. can someone tell me what the heck has happened i tried everything i get fine reception if i connect the cable directly to the tv. We have tried numerous times to connect all the components.Finde das, nach was du suchst, mit umfangreichen Mitgliederprofielen, Fotos, Videos und mehr!Melde dich für eine kostenfreie Mitgliedschaft an und du könnest dich noch heute Abend mit Jungs oder Mädchen verabreden.What we want: audio from TV speakers as well as the option for audio through stereo speakers, plus best possible connections for picture quality.We are trying to connect a cable box, TV, Combo DVD/VCR, and Stereo Receiver.

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