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I’d like to see some progress made with the web project, the first steps will require getting the website boot process working (in progress) and I think a good first milestone will be getting the installer all working.

From there, there’s updating the controllers and authentication/authorization mechanisms for the back office and then looking into actually getting content rendered on the front-end ( this part is actually the easiest and mostly done already ).

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As I mentioned above getting v8 completed is a requirement to getting a version of Umbraco fully working with ASP. During that development time I do plan on continuing to tinker around with getting more stuff to work.

Web project but this is going to be a much more involved process due to the way that MVC and Web Api have changed with regards to ASP. On a side note, the Git branch that this live in is a fork of Umbraco’s current source code and the branch that it exists in is a branch from v8 so it is fully merge-able.

This means that as we continue developing on v7 and v8 all of these fixes/changes will merge up into this branch.

From there I wrote the code to boot Umbraco and started implementing some commands.

Here’s the commands and sub-commands so far I was very interested to see if this would work on Linux so I got Ubuntu up and running and put My Sql on there and created a new db to use. There’s something quite magical about the whole thing, it really was very easy to get this to run on a non-windows environment.

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