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BIOGRAPHY Having sold his first spec just after returning from Vietnam, where he taught English, Ben has since seen production wrap on his 2014 follow-up, “Remember,” directed by Atom Egoyan and his latest spec, “Protected,” has found a home with IM Global.IN REAL TIME by Chai Hecht A man creates the illusion of time travel in an attempt to revisit one pivotal day in his life.

For a complete breakdown by agents and managers and their individual numbers check out: THE HIT LIST 2014 – BY THE NUMBERS For additional statistics, comparisons, figures and fun facts check out: THE HIT LIST 2014 – STATS, COMPARISONS, FACTS, FIGURES & FUN ————————————————————————————————- CATHERINE THE GREAT by Kristina Lauren Anderson Sophia Augusta’s marriage to Peter III, the Emperor of Russia, is anything but the fairy-tale life that she had been promised.GENRE Drama REPRESENTATION Verve | Bill Weinstein, Tanya Cohen Industry Entertainment | Micah Klatzker, Stephen Crawford STATUS Wonderland Sound & Vision producing. BIOGRAPHY Currently the assistant to Matthew Broderick, Scharpf landed on the scene in 2014 with his unconventional drama spec “One Fell Swoop,” which was also a finalist in the Launch Pad Features Competition.YELLOWSTONE FALLS by Daniel Kunka In a post-apocalyptic world, a female wolf is forced to defend her cubs against a mutated human race who have lost all the characteristics of what made them human.SECRET INGREDIENTS OF ROCKET COLA by Micahel Vukadinovich Twin brothers with opposite personalities are separated at a young age and go on to live drastically different lives, eventually being reunited in an effort to save the company ‘Rocket Cola’ despite their love of the same woman.GENRE Drama REPRESENTATION Verve | Bryan Besser, Zach Carlisle Industry Entertainment | Ava Jamshidi STATUS Escape Artists producing. BIOGRAPHY Exploding onto the scene just a few short years ago, Michael has had success both on the spec market, with “The Three Misfortunes of Gepetto” and “Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola,” and as a writer for hire with “Mr.

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