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You can kill Markus off by failing the different QTEs towards the end. If you decide to go forward with any of the paths (Violent Revolution or Peaceful Protest), all you need to do is not fail in order to survive.The key character that you need to take on along through all the hardships the game throws at you in order to earn the Survivors Trophy in the end is: This path will unlock the Survivors Trophy.Jerry can be saved in Battle for Detroit chapter if you knock out the policemen holding Jerry and Luther captive.Markus can be saved by not losing any battles and choosing the peaceful protest option.This way, you will have to fight against Markus or the revolutionary leader.If he faces Markus, then one of them has to die in the end.You already know how to save Connor; simply remain friends with Hank to save him.

Intervene when the soldier attacks Josh and help North when you get the option.

And when cornered by the resistance or the police, he can survive by either kissing North or singing to the soldiers.

And as mentioned above, if Connor chooses to remain a machine, he will end up confronting Markus and one of them will end up dead.

Alternatively, he can survive as a deviant by countering Amanda’s programming and successfully changing his code. Remember that one of them will have to die in this ending!

You can also have Connor survive as a deviant by straying from his missions.

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