Antonio dating show

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"Basically, before taking that plunge, I wanted to know: how often are you going to see me, is it just going to be me and what are your long-term goals for me?

Sarah (25), who recently moved to New York City, goes on five blind dates. They vibed well together She didn't pick him cos he didn't wanna hear her 9mins mythology joke?????

While she wishes that she waited to approach him about it until their relationship was more serious, she stood by her decision to make him know she wasn't a floozy.

"I just wanted Antonio to know that I'm not an easy girl to be with, that if he wanted a casual, sexual relationship, that's just not me," she said.

"The reality is that if you're an actor and you're doing a reality show, your acting career isn't on top. I just wanted to know what his goals were," she explained.

Barlow also addressed how she had Sabato ink a relationship contract.

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