Antedating definition

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A bill, therefore, is not invalid by reason only of the fact that it is antedated or postdated.In litigation over six Gustav Klimt paintings currently in Austrian Gallery but which had been taken from Czech owner after Austria's annexation by Hitler, Ninth Circuit rules that FSIA may apply to conduct that occurred before its enactment, and that FSIA expropriation exception applied and gave federal court jurisdiction over Austria despite claims of sovereign immunity the founding, of submitting such "unlawful combatants" (who use stealth to avoid the risk of being shot on sight) to military tribunals, which afford due process but not the full protections of courts-martial.In stock investing the day of trading prior to the ex-dividend date may be considered an antedate.Since the term ex-dividend means without dividend, an investor is required to own or buy shares by the end of the trading day prior to the ex-dividend date to receive the company’s dividend.The practice of placing a date that has already passed on a contract or a check.On its own, this does not invalidate or negatively impact the contract or check, but it may affect how long it remains valid.Moreover, the interpretive structure framing individual chapters is sometimes outdated; the Pirenne thesis is no longer one of the key explanatory models for what was once called the "Dark Ages;" few now see the fall of Constantinople in 1453 as responsible for the introduction of Greek learning in Italy and the subsequent emergence of the Renaissance; and for over twenty-five years historians have spoken of a Catholic Reformation the dedication of the printed score of Alceste to the Archduke Leopold in 1769, when Gluck was 55 and a European celebrity, are a couple of brief notes twenty years earlier requesting two watches and 48 pairs of scissors from a violinist colleague in London.Dinosaurs antedated the first human beings by almost 65 million years, though this stubborn fact never used to stop cartoonists and screenwriters from having the two species inhabit the same story line.

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Antedating documentation and legal contracts is another realm of financial transactions in which antedates may be used.

So does the species of animal or plant outlast and antedate the lifetime of one man.

The actual beginnings of the town may antedate the Romans, but of this we know nothing.

There are instances where antedating may be a part of the procedural requirements leading up to final execution.

In other cases antedating may be illegal and should be done with caution.

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