And lesbian online dating

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It seems some of the bigger, more broad dating sites could learn a thing or two from the online lesbian dating world.Unlike other sites, several of the top lesbian dating sites introduce friendship as one of the possible outcomes of creating a profile.Pink, for example, lists two options for what people might be looking for, “a friend or the love of your life.” The fact that a dating website prioritizes friendship is unique.This also sets a tone of ease and comfort in using the site.For example, the Elite Singles website reserved for lesbians recounts the difficulties gay women may have in knowing whether the woman they have feelings for is also gay.Therefore, they promote their site as a safe space for lesbians to interact.

Because lesbian dating sites focus on bringing LGBT women together, some sites point out the problems users have experienced.This way, one may feel less pressure finding friends than lovers.It also sets a standard that there is no harm in a lack of romantic, for example, invites users to, “join [their] community.” By doing this, the site sets up a feeling of inclusion and welcoming.It also unites users in a common goal as opposed to presenting them in competition with one another.

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