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2001 saw the start of the realization of this dream, as WWF finally devoured WCW not only in the ratings war, but also by being acquired by the former, absorbing what was left of the latter. And if that wasn't enough, The Phenom came out to chokeslam the chairman into oblivion. I have become both the heel and face of the show that is my life. And oh, this era, I was an Austin, The Rock and DX fan (who wasn't anyway). Hehe*trivia: in 2000, WWF changed its name to WWE kasi World Wildlife Fund (yeah, the one with the panda logo) sued them. Bischoff's Speech - Rightly interrupted by none other than a former employee of his during the WCW days, Chris Jericho. Of course, what Vince Mc Mahon-related event would be without Steve Austin opening kegs of whoop-ass all over the place? I know that there's a lot of people there who can easily relate to my story, growing up with WWE as their substitute for Batibot. nakakalito nga naman kasi eh.* Let's see, that's 1993-2001. I probably missed a couple of shows but remained loyal nonetheless. Though during this time, I could say that I didn't watch as much wrestling as I used to for the past 8 years. Talaga bang ganun lang ang papel ni Santino sa Raw? The Great Khali - I knew that somehow, may darating para iligtas si Horny, pero hindi ko inakalang si... Epic sana yung kung na-body slam nya rin si Khali, the same way he did Andre The Giant dati. Old School Rumble - 15 wrestlers from the past, celebrating 15 years of sports entertainment glory. Schyster won, then Ted Di Biase walked to the center of the ring, gave IRS some cash. It was sweet to see him slap the face of Bischoff and make Randy Orton tap out when the latter decided to interfere. As Vince laid with both insult and injury served unto him, Austin opens a couple more and toasts as he declares who the real Greatest Superstar in Raw History was (well, were)... At that point, kahit na alam kong re-run na lang ang pinapanood ko, I still felt connected with the audience. After that, tinawag nya yung lahat ng wrestlers sa backstage to have a beer sa ring. When I stepped to college, mas lalo pa akong nagkaroon ng oras para manood ng WWE kasi broken scheds and shit. Eto na yung time na hindi na lang Raw ang palabas nila; they introduced Friday night Smack Down! It was kind of like WCW without the logo, and twice as cool. Siguro dahil I was changing as a person, and my preferences with regards to TV programming was developing. Tanggalin na lang kaya siya or i-develop into a better persona? Could this be the fate that RKO suffers this Sunday at Armageddon? *stops writing for 15 minutes to watch footages of that part and bathe in fanboy love* So ayun, after exchanging a couple of lines with Jillian, the sort of unexpected happened - Lita's entrance song played. After a long time, two rivals see each other face to face again sa ring. At first I thought they were about to settle an old grudge, but after Jillian prodded the two to start a catfight, I knew what would happen next. Couldn't believe Marty was still that athletic, though. Yeah, isa ako sa mga taong pinasalamatan ni Austin. It was one of those sights that you'd probably see once lang in your entire life - faces and heels sharing beer, laughing, talking to each other. I guess that WWF made a wise decision when they underwent The Attitude Era because that was, in my opinion, the start of their rise to mainstream audience awareness. He made the ultimate sacrifice of being the almighty heel to elevate the whole company. We could name a lot of superstars in WWE deserving of the title. Tribute para sa mga namatay na superstars like Owen Hart, Curt Hennig and Eddie Guerrero?Everyone was donning the Austin shirt, trying to raise their eyebrows like The Rock does, and doing crotch chops and saying "suck it" because it was all the hype. Sa poll sa, Undertaker got the highest votes, and rightly so. I mean, magce-celebrate na nga lang sila, hindi pa nila i-todo, diba... WWE started with getting children drink their vitamins and say their prayers at night, grew up to become a company "with an attitude" to find its own identity, and is now constantly striving to become a better entity, which would set it apart from any competition.Their wedding was also attended by thousands of people and well know personality, and among them was Elton John (Whom we know a close friend of the late Princess Diana), when I saw him on live telecast over the Internet, I remember the song “Candle in the Wind” which he sang during the funerals of Princess Diana, wow, I missed her everlasting smile, I wonder what would Princess Dianna say if she’s still alive, she might be the happiest mother in the world. My 15th post is going to be all about the 15th anniversary special of WWE Raw. But first, let's go down memory lane with this...... Lumaki ako sa piling ng mga legends tulad ni Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, The Rockers (Marty Jannetty at Shawn Michaels), The Undertaker...

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Maybe it's because of the way they present their wrestlers. Maybe it was because they looked more scripted than WWF.

The reason I have thrown Sachin in, is that Barrington was in a similar situation to Tendulkar, with his performance often being the difference between a loss / draw / win for England.

Wally Grout commented that he could see the Union Jack following Barrington as he walked out to bat.

Still, I had the admiration for all the sportsmanship and ingenuity these guys exhibit show after show.

Hindi nasira yung pagtingin ko sa mga wrestlers and the sports entertainment industry, in fact, lalo pang lumaki ang respeto ko sa kanila. I wanted to be like them when I grow up, I said to myself.

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