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Or are you crammed into a corner on a packed rush-hour tube? People who object to PDAs often wonder why couples do it.Why do they feel the need to involve everyone rather than be affectionate behind closed doors?It’s a casual gesture but also a display of unity, showing your strength as a couple.Hands in pockets Walking with your hand in your partner’s pocket can make movement a little challenging but it’s a playful gesture that indicates an easygoing relationship dynamic.

We’ve analysed a few of the most common public displays of affection to reveal what they say about your relationship: Hand-holding Holding hands in one of the simplest ways to display affection in public. A passive, detached hold implies a polite closeness with little passion while interlocked fingers symbolises genuine intimacy.It’s also physically intimate and often popular with new couples.Subtle touching Couples exchange subtle touches to signify a range of meaning, from flirtation to comfort.Please, also leave us your phone number and email by using which we can get in touch with you in case if we have to make some corrections of planned time or date with the concurrence of the lady.Please, take into account time difference between the countries and make sure to discuss with your lady the best time and date for the phone call.

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