Adult webcam 1 to start

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Support for cam-splitting is fairly mandatory for all brand new camming sites.

Offer A High Percentage: Offering a very high percentage gives models incentive to perform on your site.

Model Net has an innovative The innovative thing about Model Net is that they’ve got a model-sharing system between partner sites.

With this setup, cam site owners can feature their models on other sites and feature models from other sites on their site.

Running a whitelabel doesn’t take much: Just a domain name and an affiliate account with one of the camming sites that supports whitelabels.This means that you’ll need a large marketing budget to drive traffic and signups, and might have to initially offer an hourly to models performing on your site.Driving traffic to your new camming site is going to be very important.If a model gets a private on one site, they go to private on that site, then go back to public across multiple sites.Splitting gains increased exposure by being on multiple sites.

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