Accomodating learning

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The teacher finishes up their lecture and pulls out five marker pens and places them in front of the young student.

The teacher then explains the concept and allows the young student to experience adding and subtracting, kinesthetically.

Interactive lessons and activities engage your students and allows them to use all of their senses, too.

Some students learn best when they are able to hear you explain an idea or concept.

As you know, the more engaged a student is in her learning, the better her success rate is in the classroom.

As teachers, we can use various teaching strategies to appeal to each of these different learning styles and provide our students with a unique experience that will meet all of their needs.

To connect with these students, try letter blocks during story time and have the students spell out certain words throughout the story for a fully tactile experience.

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First and foremost, in order to appeal to different learning styles, you must know what each student’s preferred learning style is.

Since we live in a digital world, your first thought may be, “How can I appeal to my students’ different learning styles through the use of technology?

” While technology is wonderful tool to use in the classroom, the overuse of it has become a concern for many teachers.

Education is such a beautiful thing, and when we are able to get in touch with students, not only are they able to understand, but they also know that their teachers care deeply about their performance.

Whether you have a classroom of mostly auditory learners or a great mix of all learning styles, each child counts and accommodating learning styles can bring you one step closer to success!

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