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-places a higher value on the expression than the CT did in this case. Capacity to communicate enables a person to develop to his/her faculties w/o inhibition of censorship. STATUTE: (part in question) “Any person who…organizes or assists in organizing, or is or knowingly becomes a member of, any organization, society, group or assemblage of persons organized or assembled to advocate, teach or aid & abet criminal syndicalism; is guilty of a felony.” -CT upheld her conviction. -She never asserted her constitutional rts b/c she never asserted that no clear & present danger existed. KANSAS: HELD that the conviction of the D, w/o any charge or evidence that the organization in which he secured members advocated any crime, violence or other unlawful acts or methods as a means of effecting inductrial or political changes or revolution.

STATE BAR: Words themselves can do no harm w/o communication to another.

-words can have no effect other than emotional harm, if the other person has no capacity to respond behaviorally to the words. If a hot-tempered person, is behind bars/is restrained, then no harm (other than emotional) may occur upon communication of the uttered words.

It was located above the registration carpet doesn't look very clean and neither does the bathroom.

I can't image preparing something to eat in the kitchenette. the only light working was the one in the bathroom and the kitchenette.

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