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Many students are used to having their lives set out for them. If or when that doesn’t happen, they get discouraged or think something is wrong with them.When Erickson talks with students who feel this way, he tries to normalize this feeling and help them realize that there isn’t anything wrong with them.Sometimes, even when you are ready for marriage, the opportunity doesn’t present itself.In these instances, it is even more important that you have a healthy view of what marriage is like.He said this is the most mature phase when you are ready to make an important adult decision.Erickson said when people understand that relationships tend to follow these three stages, they can focus more on improving themselves and being patient with the timing of their romantic relationships.

While single, people can learn to see marriage as a journey and realize that having a family or being married isn’t going to solve all of their problems. What things do you value and what do you want your life to be about?Marriage doesn’t instantly transform you into a perfect individual.Mark Ogletree, a licensed family counselor, said, “When couples first get married, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling marriage is a destination.When someone’s mindset is switched from outcome-oriented to journey-oriented, the result is greater happiness and contentment with the way their lives are going at that moment.Relationships of all kinds take effort, work and dedication.

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