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Over the last few years, a cottage industry has emerged attempting to explain the ascendancy of a new style of far-right politics characterized by a countercultural sensibility and trafficking heavily in memefied versions of the sort of overt racism and sexism long thought to have been banished from the civilized world — an intellectual and political movement that has come to be known as the “alt-right.” While a number of entries into this genre have attempted to uncover the alt-right’s deep ideological roots, Angela Nagle’s newly published book makes the alt-right into something both more recent and familiar — a spawn of the internet, as well as a bastard child of the counterculture.As her subtitle suggests, Nagle’s book places the alt-right within a broader context of the “online culture wars” of the 2000s and 2010s, from which a number of contemporary political currents emerged.Her account (facebook.com/jesuslust) has since been removed, but someone has already created a Facebook tribute page for her. It’s a shame that the screenshot isn’t as legit as it implies but, from a prank perspective, it’s pretty classic.The internet and all of this advanced technology is, ironically, still pretty archaic and it’s like the old west out here.My mom doesn’t understand why I don’t want her tagging me in every photo, whether I’m in it or not, on her Myspace and Facebook pages.

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If done right, you can leave other sites in the dust, as people become willing to take that unfamiliar leap.The internet’s reach is much broader and instant than anything before.Even if someone winds up killing themselves over the emotional abuse caused from the entire world pointing and laughing at them, a lot of people wouldn’t even give a fuck.The internet was hardly bumping at all when that one guy flipped his lid and killed his friend over a confession of love on a Jenny Jones episode.All that happened to that guy to turn him into a murderer was being teased by his town folk, because of a television appearance.

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