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Since then, the Islamic State has begun to use older adult suicide bombers and suicide car bombers with increasing frequency over the past six months, and as such, the group is recruiting frontline fighters across the entire spectrum of human development. Eulogy images were collected primarily from the Islamic State’s semi-official news agencies Amaq, Nashir, and Dabiq as part of their ‘breaking news’ output.Methodology Drawing from the expanding database of Islamic State members and activities, the authors have so far identified 27 older adults eulogized in the Islamic State’s propaganda channels. The collection process involved downloading the images from Islamic State Telegram channels, collecting them for insertion into a database, and then coding them.

Downloaded images were initially coded based on information included in the eulogy in the form of a chyron describing the individual as a martyr, a self-martyr, inghimasi (commando), a foot soldier, or with the simple Arabic benediction “May God accept him.” This phrase reliably designates a person as a martyr by the Islamic State.These individuals comprise those who have actively fought, rather than killed as non-combatants per se.If the information provided by the media agency specified self-martyr (suicide bomber or istishhad) but the individual was pictured next to or inside a vehicle, the authors coded them as a VBIED (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device) operator, or suicide car bomber.The Islamic State has produced not only the youngest suicide bombers in history, but now also the oldest.As pressure intensifies on the movement, this trend will likely continue.

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