3ds updating please wait

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I have tried swapping the Toshiba internal drive with a totally new one, with a Samsung EVO SSD, it doesn't change a thing.A friend of mine gave me his PS3 to do some Vita stuff with for a while.One other suggestion since you didn't specify in your post, did you try both USB ports?For some reason everyone recommends the right most usb port when attempting to update via flash drive.

EDIT: Not sure how well this would work, but since it's on an exploitable firmware try the downgrader .pub? ) firmware installation method as well, I don't think it's going to work. Unfortunately, I think this PS3 is more or less paperweight right now. Videos I've seen on You Tube require them to have firmware be installed from the official safe mode as well, so I'll be out of luck. However, since I'll have to install it using the corrupt (?The R4 3DS DUAL CORE cards confirmed to work with the 11.9.0 update.Regardless of your 3DS model or region, the above R4 3DS cards will work just fine.I cloned his drive, hoping it would just restore the factory settings and keep the firmware, but it refuses to boot off this image as well. I was able to navigate through XMB wirelessly when the console still had firmware on it.I have opened the unit to check the Blu-Ray connection, as this can cause update troubles as well. Looks like you tried 99% of what I would've suggested.

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