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I didn’t write any just yet because I was still a bit tentative even though I took the first step.

Black is a fantastic site where you can and will find your own bold, black beauty. I was too chicken to do anything about it, so I just kept putting it out of my head. I looked through the profiles of Mistresses and there were many in my area.

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I wanted to know why, and not just the obvious that it was in his genes, or that he wanted someone like his mother. He told me he actually had a white girlfriend for a bit as a freshman, but that he gravitated to Asian students because although he had grown up assimilated and never really hung out with Asian kids, he felt that the more he was with them in college, the more he felt comfortable with them. That they were kind and sweet, generous in their demeanors, genuine and not competitive in nature, and supportive of their guys. That in and of itself is a great thing – a major network deciding from the start to cast a TG person who is one who plays a TG role.

Anyway, lol, I didn’t mean to get caught up in the movie story, but I really like that movie. So this one night, I think it was when we had scheduled Escape from Alcatraz, before the movie, I went to get the pizza. Anyway, Tiara came with me and we had a very interesting chat in the car for the ten minutes it took to get to the place. We chatted a bit and then took a walk outside to get into more talk of what she did and whether or not I wanted it. She made me get naked in front of them, and shower in front of them, all the while with them making nasty emasculating comments, slapping me a bit, grabbing me, and teasing parts of me. There was a bit more that I left out, and I edited some. So if you are a sub or a slave or want to be, or if you want to dominate anyone, join Bondage 🙂 Has anyone seen the new ABC TV show Fresh Off the Boat?

I liked the story, Josey gets revenge for what was done to his family. One of my favorite scenes is the quick eulogy for the young guy who rode with him who died. First we met at a Starbucks just to see if we both could be comfortable with one another. She said I needed to come to her place the next day at 4 PM sharp, and I would then serve her. The next day when I got there, she had 7 lady friends at her place.

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